Jan 6, 2009

winter pictures

1/2 a meter tall sand barrier..looks big, no?
Local Venice beach parrot at the cafe.

My governor...how cool is that?
Frozone being forced to sign a Beauty and the Beast book at Disneyland. I dont know why he's smiling?
There is nothing between Los Angeles and San Francisco.
A forgotten onion starts growing. Currently the only plant at my place...Across the street is the bedroom to one of many Berkeley homeless hippies. Arround him is brand new graffiti!

A cop makes a report of the new art.
Another view from the appartment. Downtown SF at the horrizon.
Shoes hanging on the powerline. I've heard different stories as to what that means.
Desk at work.
More posts to come soon: I've been drawing :)
Happy new year!


Andre Barnwell said...

That sand barrier fooled me still. LOL.

King M. Mugabi said...

it's clear to see why you film was what it was, you have an eye for story