Nov 24, 2006

Life from this week

10min - yeah, i know..the hand is ugly..but, i like it :)..

Nov 10, 2006

Death to all starfish

My group film started out about a starfish who wanted to be a star, and now it's about a fallen star trying to get back. So on one sleepless night I decided to commemorate its death.

Nov 4, 2006

Effective advertising

Couple of hours rush job to get this little poster out for my friends at the UofT russian club. The party was awesome!! I even dressed up like this little Zorro right here...except I was a tall one. :)

Group film inspirational paintings

Spy fun

Jun 28, 2006


Just some various sketches from boredom:

Sketches from life

Trying to get myself to sketch people more and more. This from the subway:

Old farts sitting around the pool I lifeguard:
They all dress the same, or maybe its the same person and I suck :) ?

May 26, 2006

Fun with Charcoal

20" X 12" Charcoal Illustration. I call it the "Couch Potato".

May 5, 2006

Stereotypes in whites

Something Peter Emslie had us do: to design clearly identifiable types in non descriptive clothing. There is supposed to be four :) but I dont think it achieved the intended type.

In case you didnt guess the types here; they are: English professor, ballerina, and a truck-stop waitress.


This is a large 36"X12" charcoal illustration I had done for my sister's 19th birthday

Galleon in asteroid field

This is something our layout instructor Piotr Bielicki had us do (so you should see a bunch of these damn ships around the blog community). Made you do a little research, and think about composition without getting into too much detail (on the asteroids).


Sharmo - the mountain climbing goat.

Royal Winter Fair 2005