Sep 20, 2009

been long time

Yep, my neglected blog is getting another little post. I've got a lot to post about; just no time to do it! Still setteling in[at my new place... I'll get around to the posts soon I hope. I've got a bunch of photos to show from trips to Annecy and Israel. For now here are a couple of paintings:

Guache and color pencil. 'Best potatoes in the East'

If Vlad made Avatar, it would look like this :-) Water color. (colour - if you are Canadian!)


Randeep Katari said...

These are beautiful - the first one reminds me of your film a little bit, the second is absolutely STUNNING. I love it.

Where did it go?



Matthew Kalinauskas said...

Nice stuff Vlad. Colour :) Good job.

Amanda said...

I Really like the woman walking through water! Very pretty 8)

Anonymous said...

Nice stuff man. I likes it a lot.

Tapan Gandhi said...

aaah! chinese spam! get out of chinatown, vlad!

i really like the first one, but i LOVE the second one.. amazing.

Vladimir said...

Thanks for the nice comments! Yeah, i have no idea how to stop the spam...all I could do it delete them as they come in.

Anonymous said...